headline inflation


A measurement of price iinflation that takes into account all types of inflation that an economy can experience. Unlike core inflation, headline inflation also counts changes in the price of food and energy. Because food and energy prices can rapidly increase while other types of inflation can remain low, headline inflation may not give an accurate picture of how an economy is behaving. Headline inflation is more useful for the typical household because it reflects changes in the cost of living, while core inflation is used by central banks because core inflation is less volatile and shows the effects of supply and demand on GDP better.

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You should try and do your best to prepare for any headline inflation and stay ahead of the curve if you can.

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There was some headline inflation and I thought it was something to look into because I did not know how it worked.

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The Federal Reserve explained in it's report that they were not worried about inflation because the rising numbers in headline inflation was only due to energy costs, while core inflation remained low.

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