open-ended investment company


OEIC. A type of company that allows investors to collectively pool together money to invest in various opportunities. As money is invested, shares are created. When a shareholder requests to sell shares, that money is then redeemed. The value of a share varies with the value of the OEIC's net portfolio value (NPV). It is most often used in the United Kingdom. In the United States it is referred to as an open-ended mutual fund.

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You should try to contact an open-ended investment company to get the best deal that you can get on your next buy.

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Bob and his friends started an open-ended investment company. After a year they decided that they would allow more investors to join annually.

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OPEN-ENDED INVESTMENT COMPANY A type of company or fund in the UK that is structured to invest in other companies with the ability to adjust constantly its investment criteria and fund size.

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