accrued interest

Definitions (2)

1. Interest that is due on a bond or other fixed income security since the last interest payment was made. This often occurs for bonds purchased on the secondary market, since bonds usually pay interest every six months, but the interest is accrued by the bondholders on a day-to-day basis. When a bond is sold, the buyer pays the seller the market price plus the accrued interest, for which the buyer will be reimbursed when the issuer pays next pays interest. Accrued interest is calculated on a 30-day month/360-day year for corporate bonds and municipal bonds, and on actual-calendar-days for Government bonds. Income bonds and bonds in default trade without accrued interest. When calculating accrued interest on a bond that is being sold, it is conventional to consider the time period from the most recent payment up to, but not including, the date on which the bond sale is settled.
2. Interest that a company owes, a current liability on the balance sheet.

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Since the last payment on my loan I must pay $100 of accrued interest.

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