pivot point


A technical indicator which is used to predict a change in resistance or support levels for a stock. The pivot point is calculated by taking the average of a stock's daily high, low, and closing price. If the market price increases above the pivot point, it is said to indicate a new support level, but if it decreases below the pivot point, it is said to indicate a new resistance level. Pivot points are often used in analysis of the forex market. Formula: the sum of the high, low, and closing prices divided by 3.

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It was a crucial pivot point and we all had to be aware of it so we all functioned in a positive manner.

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You should always try to set a good pivot point for your project so that you know when you hit the critical place.

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Harry was worried that his company's stock was about to drop past its pivot point and encounter new resistance in the market, while his family's support of his career change was dropping just as fast.

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