price maker


An individual or company which is influential enough to affect the price of an item. Someone who holds a large majority of a stock would likely affect the price of the stock if they bought or sold it. The term is most often applied to companies, specifically those who have a monopoly in their market, and are therefore able to choose and demand a specific price for their goods. Companies or individuals can exert varying degrees of influence, so it is not always easy to classify someone as a price maker. opposite of price taker.

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As the largest price maker in the cable industry, Comcast was able to dictate the price consumers paid for their cable TV nationwide.

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The king of the land gave the royal price maker a decree to quadruple the going rate of milk as ell as cows to meet the increasing demand.

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Business Place, Inc. is the industry price maker for their new product line because no other company's product can compete with the Buisness Place, Inc. product quality.

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