private equity fund


A fund which invests its money in private equity, often in attempts to gain control over companies in order to restructure the company. When the fund gains control of a company, they will usually take the company off the market if it isn't private already, go through a multi-year restructuring process, and then relist the company on the stock market.

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They set up a private equity fund and I thought that was a good decision on their part, because it was positive.

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The private equity fund that Harrison had agreed to sponsor was actually attempting to buyout his larger company and he found himself in a very compromising position.

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InFront Restaurant Partners has long been a popular stock on the NYSE. After many years at the top of fine dining segment it became clear that the company needed new leadership more in touch with current customers. Utilizing a Private Equity Fund the company came off the market and was able to restructure as a private company safe from the glare of investors. After building a new leadership team the company reemerged on the open market to tremendous success.

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