carry trade


The borrowing of money at a low interest in order to invest in a security or investment that provides a higher interest. For example, an investor believing that short-term interest rates will remain low might take out short-term debt to finance the purchase of long-term debt. The return on the investment would be the coupon of the long-term debt minus the cost of short-term borrowing. If the price of the long-term debt fell due to rising interest rates the investment becomes less profitable. As another example, a currency carry trade could involve an investor borrowing New Zealand dollars, which could have a low interest rate, to purchase a U.S.
dollar-denominated investment, which might have a high interest rate. If the interest rate on the investment declines, or if the exchange rate on the New Zealand dollar becomes unfavorable, the investor could lose money.

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I decided to try out a carry trade which meant borrowing money, which I did not like to do,but would help me out in this situation.

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The portfolio manager used a carry trade to boost his client's portfolio after the government lowered interest rates on short-term loans.

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Many carry traders were wiped out during the Great Financial Crisis as market volatitily soared and the value of their security holdings plummented.

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