earned premium


The amount of a premium which is considered by the insurance company to have already been earned by them. It is calculated by taking the original premium value, and determining how long the policy has been in effect without having a claim filed, and then applying that percentage of time to the amount of the loan. This value is the amount that the insurance company counts as earned. For example, if there was a $1000 premium paid by the insured, for a policy to last five years, and one year (20% of the total time) had past without the insured filling a claim, the insurance company calculates their earned premium as 20% of $1000, or $200.

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You need to make sure that you are getting the most you can out of your earned premium and use it wisely.

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You should always try to make sure you know how much the earned premium will be before you start the deal.

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I didn't like the earned premium idea because I felt like it was a bit of a sense of entitlement for the insurance company.

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