A security trade execution order in which the first bid or offer price is executed before other bid and offer prices. Priority executions are undertaken regardless of the volume of the order, meaning that a larger order that does not get to be executed first based solely on its size. Market rules often require the first trade received to be executed first. If two bids or offers are received at the same time, the bid or offer at the larger volume is given priority and is executed first. In this case, the smaller bid or offer is rejected, and the broker placing the bid is told that the rejection occurred because there was a stock ahead.

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You should try and make certain projects a priority if you think they will lead to greater long term profits.

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You may want to make it a priority to finish a certain project by a certain day so that you can start selling it.

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When the market opened my boss made sure to get our order to buy shares in the new public company first so that we would have priority before the share price increased.

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