Federal Reserve Act of 1913


Landmark legislation that created the central banking system (the Federal Reserve) and thereby laid the foundation of the modern U.S. financial system. Enacted by President Woodrow Wilson with a view to reform banking and the currency system, its objectives included prevention of financial panics with the ready availability of cash from a money reserve, an expanding-contracting money supply to match the state of the economy, and a new currency - the federal reserve note. In its present state it includes nearly 200 amendments.

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You should study up on the federal reserve act of 1913 and see if there is any way of using it in your favor.

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The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was called upon to ease the worries of consumers when the U.S. experienced a dramatic nosedive in its economic situation.

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The Libertatian candidate for President of the United States proposed making the biggest changes to our banking system since the Federal Reserve act of 1913.

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