management's discussion and analysis


MD&A. SEC mandated financial and business information that must accompany three years of audited financial statements. Now an integral part of the registration filing, it must disclose the corporation's liquidity position, capital resources, results of its operations, underlying causes of material changes in financial statement items, events of unusual or infrequent nature, positive and negative trends, and significant uncertainties. In addition, the management must provide, in a narrated form (and not in a tabular form or as statistical data), a discussion of the significant effects of inflation on the corporation's finances.
This information must be provided without hype and public-relations bias. The objective of the MD&A requirement is to give the firm's current and potential investors a candid overall view of its past, present, and future through its management's eyes.

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The management's discussion and analysis was a really long and arduous process and it was very hard to understand for me.

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You should try to make sure that you always give out honest information when filing your management's discussion and analysis.

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MANAGEMENT'S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Management discussion and analysis (MDA) is an unaudited section of an annual REPORT in which the management discusses the company's financial performance for the past period and its current financial position and provides insight into the company's future prospects in light of its strategy.

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management's discussion management's discussion and analysis (MD&A)