BSE Sensex


Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. A value-weighted stock market index, which tracks the performance of the 30 largest stocks on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The 30 stocks are chosen at random times, whenever the market has significantly changed enough to warrant the changes, and are chosen by the value of their free float shares. Although the index only tracks a very small percentage of the total stocks traded on the BSE, the index typically comprises about one fifth of the market capitalization of the entire stock exchange.

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You may want to follow how things are going in the BSE sensex and look for any opportunity to take a shot.

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The Bse sensex was really interesting and I had to check it out because there was information there that I needed.

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They constantly followed the BSE Sensex. It was a great tell of where the market was going since it represented the top 30 stocks on the exchange.

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