CFA exam


Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. Three-tiered test administered by the CFA Institute to individuals seeking to achieve a CFA charter. A CFA charter is not required to be a financial analyst, but it provides many benefits, and therefore many financial professionals willingly choose to take them. Exam takers need to register in advance and pay a fee that ranges anywhere from $660-990. The curriculums covered in the CFA exams are: Ethics and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Analysis of Investments and Portfolio Management and Analysis.
Only the Hewlett Packard 12C or the Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculators are allowed for the exam. These exams usually take place during the summer and the dates are announced well in advance.

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I took the cfa exam and was really happy with what I found and how easy it was for me to figure it out.

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You really need to do a lot of studying and make sure that you are fully prepared before you ever take the CFA exam.

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The aspiring financial analyst stayed up for days studying for his CFA exam, which he ended up passing with flying colors.

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