stimulus package


An energizing stimulus plan which provides tax rebates directly to taxpayers. In February 2008, a stimulus package was passed in the United States which provided most taxpayers with a $600 rebate, married couples with a $1200 rebate, and parents with a $300 rebate for each child. The government hoped that this money would be used to re-stimulate the economy.

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The stimulus package was well received as many people spent their money which helped the economy and some saved which made those individuals happy.

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The stimulus package had some impact on mitigating the recession, but it was neither broad enough or large enough to fully halt the downward slide of the economy.

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The offer of a stimulus package of $10,000 sign-on bonus, $ 6000 for continuing education courses, a four week paid vacation, dental ,medical and life insurance was an incentive for accepting the job as Director of Admissions at Moreland University

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