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1. Material assets such as money or property that is provided by a bride to her husband at the time of their marriage. In certain cultures, this type of act is a common occurrence amongst couple uniting in holy matrimony. Dowry is thought of as a way to bless the marriage and help the husband establish a stable home for his new family.
2. Money required by a religious official at the time of a marriage ceremony. "Ted and Brit had to make a dowry payment to their priest before he would perform their wedding ceremony."

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Marriage, as an institution, used to be much more honest, with the husband simply providing a dowry at the offset, rather than paying year by year.

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At my wedding I plan to give my Pakistani's husband's family a large dowry, including cows, goats, washing machines, and other non-pig-related items.

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When I entered into a marriage with my last husband I brought along my dowry of goods, a house, seven acres of land and several thousand dollars in the bank.

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