Chartered Financial Analyst. An individual who has passed tests in economics, accounting, security analysis, and money management, administered by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of the Association for Investment Management and Research. Such an individual is also expected to have at least three years of investments-related experience, and meet certain standards of professional conduct. These individuals have an extensive economic and investing background and are competent at a high level of analysis. Individuals or corporations utilize their services as security analysts, portfolio managers or investment advisors.

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The CFA was able to develop a model of the financial project that explained the likely outcome during the meeting.

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My brother worked very hard for his bank and has taken tests in a variety of financial and economic subjects, and is now a CFA.

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My father is a CFA. He went to school for finance and has spent many years in the industry. He knows a lot more about finance and investments than the average person does.

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