CME Group


One of the world's largest future exchanges created after Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade merged in 2007. The exchange focuses on four major sections including commodities, forex, interest rates, and stock indexes. CME utilizes a trading floor to conduct transactions during normal business hours and an electronic trading platform for after hour trading. One of the most essential services that CME provides is clearing for buyers and sellers to protect them from financial losses resulting underperformance on traded contracts.

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You should always try to make sure that you know where things stand with the CME group if you will deal with it.

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I will be heading to the CME Group chicago headquarters to initiate the terms for the merger in the coming months.

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The Birth of Financial Futures Catalyzed by the collapse of Bretton Woods, and in the spirit of the Chicago School of Economics, CME unveils a revolutionary solution. Validated by a commissioned paper from Milton Friedman, under the leadership of Leo Melamed, CME Group launches the International Monetary Market (IMM), a futures market in seven foreign currencies. The era of financial futures instruments is born.

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