Chinese Wall


A term used to describe procedures enforced within a securities firm that separate the firm's departments to restrict access to non-public, material information, in order to avoid the illegal use of inside information. For example, if a merchant bank is advising on a planned takeover bid, its investment department should not know that the bid is taking place, or they would advise their clients to invest in the company being taken over.

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There was a chinese wall, but I did not know what it meant because it was too hard to handle for me.

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You may find that you are facing a chinese wall and will have to decide if it is worth finding a way to the other side.

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Tom, a stock trader at a brokerage firm, wanted to buy the company, that was about to have a new secondary issue, but new that he couldn't because his firm was in the selling group, and this he was behind the Chinese Wall.

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