1. to say that someone can do something
    ExamplesJunior members of staff are not allowed to use the chairman's lift. • The company allows all members of staff to take six days' holiday at Christmas.
  2. to give
    Exampleto allow 5 per cent discount to members of staff
  3. to agree to or accept legally
    Exampleto allow a claim or an appeal

Use allow in a sentence

I would not allow him to work for us because he had a history of messing things up and costing people a lot of money.

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We had made a rule that the junior analysts were given the formal benefit of being labeled allow with regards to contacting the corporate attorneys.

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The law firm of Sharks, Liars and Torts was quite progressive in that they would allow even the most junior of employees to loosen their tie 2 millimeters, every day.

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