the opposite side to the front
ExamplesWrite your address on the back of the envelope. • Please endorse the cheque on the back.
referring to the past
Examplea back payment
so as to make things as they were before
ExamplesHe will pay back the money in monthly instalments. • The store sent back the cheque because the date was wrong. • The company went back on its agreement to supply at £1.50 a unit.
  1. to help someone, especially financially
    ExamplesThe bank is backing us to the tune of $10,000. • She is looking for someone to back her project.
  2. Usage
    to back a bill
    to sign a bill promising to pay it if the person it is addressed to is not able to do so

"...the businesses we back range from start-up ventures to established companies in need of further capital for expansion" [Times]

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