1. an agreement on the price of something
    Exampleto strike a bargain or to make a bargain
    to drive a hard bargain
    to be a difficult person to negotiate with
  2. something which is cheaper than usual
    ExampleThat car is a (real) bargain at $500.
  3. a sale and purchase of one lot of shares on the Stock Exchange
to try to reach agreement about something, especially a price, usually with each person or group involved putting forward suggestions or offers which are discussed until a compromise is arrived at
ExamplesYou will have to bargain with the dealer if you want a discount. • They spent two hours bargaining about or over the price.
(NoteYou bargain with someone over or about or for something.)

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You should always look for the best bargain you can any time you want to make any sort of major purchase.

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The bargain we had reached was outstanding for our side and the seller wanted to receive cash immediately so it was win-win.

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The new, office, vending machines has sweets and snacks that are priced cheaper than what is sold at the corner store; its a bargain.

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