anything which makes it difficult for someone to do something, especially to send goods from one place to another
to impose trade barriers on certain goods
to restrict the import of some goods by charging high duty
ExampleThey considered imposing trade barriers on some food products.
to lift trade barriers from imports
to remove restrictions on imports
ExampleThe government has lifted trade barriers on foreign cars.

"...a senior European Community official has denounced Japanese trade barriers, saying they cost European producers $3 billion a year" [Times]

" create a single market out of the EC member states, physical, technical and tax barriers to free movement of trade between member states had to be removed.

Imposing VAT on importation of goods from other member states was seen as one such tax barrier" [Accountancy]

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There was a barrier between me and my happiness and the only way to break it was to confront my fear.

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NAFTA is an example of a trade agreement between various companies the intent of which was to remove trade barriers and promote imports and exports.

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The captain had a distinct look of fear and hopelessness in his eyes as he turned to us and yelled, "Fortify the barrier at once, the enemy approaches!".

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