1. to travel to work from home each day
    ExamplesHe commutes from the country to his office in the centre of town. • She spends two hours a day commuting to and from work. • We have bought a house within commuting distance of London.
  2. to change a right into cash

"Commuting is never business use.

A trip to work is personal and not deductible. And making a business phone call or holding a business meeting in your car while you drive will not change that fact" [Nation's Business]

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Employees in New York city often have a long commute. Most don't live in the city, so they have to travel into the city to work every day.

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Mileage incurred as part of an employee's standard commute from his/her official domicile to his/her official place of work cannot be considered a business expense and cannot be reimbursed.

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My boss is exploring new places to locate our headquarters to allow our employees to take advantage of public transportation systems in making their daily commute from their homes to the office.

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