1. the sudden lowering of a price, salary or the number of jobs
    Exampleprice cuts or cuts in prices
    he took a cut in salary
    , he took a salary cut
    he accepted a lower salary
  2. a share in a payment
    ExampleShe introduces new customers and gets a cut of the sales rep's commission.
  1. to lower something suddenly
    ExamplesWe are cutting prices on all our models. • We have taken out the second telephone line in order to try to cut costs.
    to cut (back) production
    to reduce the quantity of products made
  2. to reduce the number of something
    to cut jobs
    to reduce the number of jobs by making people redundant
    he cut his losses
    he stopped doing something which was creating a loss

"...state-owned banks cut their prime rates a percentage point to 11 per cent" [Wall Street Journal]

"...the US bank announced a cut in its prime from 10½ per cent to 10 per cent" [Financial Times]

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