1. ExampleThe effect of the pay increase was to raise productivity levels.
  2. an operation
    terms of a contract which take effect or come into effect from January 1st
    terms which start to operate on January 1st
    prices are increased 10 per cent with effect from January 1st
    new prices will apply from January 1st
    to remain in effect
    to continue to be applied
  3. meaning
    a clause to the effect that
    a clause which means that
    we have made provision to this effect
    we have put into the contract terms which will make this work
to carry out
to effect a payment
to make a payment
to effect customs clearance
to clear something through customs
to effect a settlement between two parties
to bring two parties together and make them agree to a settlement

Use effect in a sentence

I didn't think the movie would have such a terrible effect on him and cause him to sleep with his light on.

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The effect that the scholarship would have on the student would be substantial; he would finally be able to afford his textbooks and dorm fees.

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An unintended effect of changing the bus route was a rise in unemployment in several neighborhoods as people suddenly found themselves unable to get to work.

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