to hope that something is going to happen
ExamplesWe are expecting him to arrive at 10:45. • They are expecting a cheque from their agent next week. • The house was sold for more than the expected price.

"...he observed that he expected exports to grow faster than imports in the coming year" [Sydney Morning Herald]

"American business as a whole has seen profits well above the levels normally expected at this stage of the cycle" [Sunday Times]

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How to expect a baby.1)pregnancy test ( positive ) how to expect money 1) work at a job! Do expect me to know who the hell you are?

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We had told our investors that could not only expect a dividend, but they would have reason to believe the stock price would increase as well.

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My boss was angry he did not receive a promotion because he had been told to expect that he would be the first person elevated to the next level up.

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