1. the part of the body at the end of each arm
    to shake hands
    to hold someone's hand when meeting to show you are pleased to meet them, or to show that an agreement has been reached
    ExampleThe two negotiating teams shook hands and sat down at the conference table.
    to shake hands on a deal
    to shake hands to show that a deal has been agreed
  2. Usage
    by hand
    using the hands, not a machine
    ExampleThese shoes are made by hand.
    to send a letter by hand
    to ask someone to carry and deliver a letter personally, not sending it through the post
  3. Usage
    in hand
    kept in reserve
    Examplewe have £10,000 in hand
    balance in hand
    cash in hand
    cash held to pay small debts and running costs
    work in hand
    work which is in progress but not finished
  4. Usage
    goods left on hand
    unsold goods left with the retailer or manufacturer
    ExampleThey were left with half the stock on their hands.
  5. Usage
    to hand
    here or present
    I have the invoice to hand
    I have the invoice in front of me
  6. Usage
    to change hands
    to be sold to a new owner
    ExampleThe shop changed hands for £100,000.
  7. Usage
    in witness whereof, I set my hand
    I sign as a witness

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