1. large or in large quantities
    Examplesa programme of heavy investment overseas • He suffered heavy losses on the Stock Exchange. • The government imposed a heavy tax on luxury goods.
    heavy costs or heavy expenditure
    large sums of money that have to be spent
  2. used to describe a share which has such a high price that small investors are reluctant to buy it (in which case the company may decide to split the shares so as to make them more attractive: in the UK, a share price of £10.00 is considered 'heavy', though many shares have higher prices than this)
  3. having too many investments in the same type of share
    ExampleHis portfolio is heavy in banks.

"...heavy selling sent many blue chips tumbling in Tokyo yesterday" [Financial Times]

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You should try to make sure that you have enough machinery to handle any heavy load you are about to receive.

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There could be heavy penalties for a customer who failed to follow through on the terms of their original signed agreement.

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The heavy investment in research and development was critical to the development of the new food product we invented and patented.

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