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Investing Tip

Peer Pressure in the Investing World

by Warren Buffett

The important qualities you need are intelligence, patience, and interest, but the biggest thing is to be rational. In '97-8, people weren't rational. People got caught up with wha ...

Reality versus Expectation in FOREX Trading

The degree a currency pair reacts to a news release is a function of the difference between what was expected and the actual number. All other things being equa...

Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

In 2009, in the middle of a horrible real estate market and a terrible economic downturn, my parents put their home of 40 years up for sale. They had said for y...

The Flexibility of Options

Options have dozens of uses beyond the basic strategies. They can be used to open spreads, for example. These are strategies consisting of opening two or more d...

Valuable Strategies

A contrarian approach can be as simple as the technical observations of price swings made in a swing trading or day trading strategy, or far more complicated ba...

Support and Resistance: The Trading Range as a Defining Attribute of Price

Most traders have heard about support and resistance; but few truly understand how significant it is and how it serves as the basis for virtually every technica...

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