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Bias of technology, either change or difference, refers to a shift towards or away from use of a factor. The exact meaning depends on the definition of neutral used to define absen ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Choosing an Interval to Set Aside Money

by Siam Luu

When selecting the interval at which an investor would like to set monies aside for investing, selecting a monthly or quarterly interval is optimal for most investors. This is beca ...

How to Buy Out-Of-The-Money Stock Options

I have heard it all when it comes to buying out-of-the-money stock options.   Some of the most  common things I hear are… “I was taught never to buy OTM ...

Contrary Opinion and Bullish Consensus

The logic of contrary opinion is flawless; gathering the information is the difficult part. Once everyone is bullish or bearish, everyone who wants to be on tha...

Goodman Wave Theory Introduction

You are working with the simple system, refining it, using it to learn more about how currency prices move, how trading methods are developed, putting together ...

Are References and Referrals a Conflict of Interest?

In 1988, I was named business editor at The Morning Call in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and I needed to make as many contacts as possible quickly in the business c...

Interview Questions for Real Estate Agents

If you are picking an agent to sell your home, the interview should occur at home, or at least after the agent has seen the property. Invite several agents to d...

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