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Automatic Clearing House. A nationwide electronic funds transfer network which enables participating financial institutions to distribute electronic credit and debit entries to ban ... Read more

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Late Payment Fees


Avoid late-payment fees. These are penalties, typically $30 or more, charged by your lender when you don't make a loan or credit card payment on time. One way to prevent late fees ...

How To Set Goals For Financial Success

When thinking about investment and financial goals-whether your an investor looking to change the world, to become successful someday or live financially debt f...

How Can an Accounting Coordinator Help an Organization?

The role of Accounting Coordinator is one that more and more organizations are choosing to add to their finance group or team. The Accounting Coordinator is typ...

FOREX Indicators and Oscillators

Beyond charting are various market indicators -- calculations using the primary information of open, high, low, or close. Indicators can also be charted or grap...

eSignal FOREX Trading Platform Review

The author has a long and happy history with eSignal. I used one of the first versions in 1990 when it came with its own modem card. They've come a long way! eS...

Interviewing a Lawyer

You may agree with William Shakespeare's assessment in Henry VI that "First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," but the plain truth is that there will com...

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