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The explanation or justification of the basis for a particular business decision or strategy typically set forth in documentation that describes the purpose, the assumptions, the r ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Maximizing the Benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging

by InvestorGuide Staff

The principle difference and benefit to investors in an index fund is that their management fees are a fraction of those charged for actively managed mutual funds. This is because ...

Interview Questions for Financial Planners

Because “financial planning” covers a lot of ground, it can be hard to find the right match of skill and service to meet all of your needs. But if y...

Choosing the Right Stocks

How do you pick a stock? With about 8,000 to choose from, you need to narrow down the list. When picking stocks with options in mind, you will need to combine f...

“Buy Put” Stock Option Investment Strategy

This article explains the rationale behind buying 'put' options and why it would make sense for you if you are bearish about a certain stock. Read the r...

Analyzing Investments and Recording Transactions

Follow these tips to analyze the investments you make in order to optimize your financial transactions and become a better investor. Read the rest of Analyzing ...

Financing Your Small Business – Writing a Business Plan

Writing a good business plan is the first step towards starting a business and securing financing, this article walks you through the process of creating one. R...

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