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A security which no longer carries the right to the most recently declared dividend; or the period of time between the announcement of the dividend and the payment. A security beco ... Read more

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Investing Tip

One-Touch Spot Options

by InvestorGuide Staff

For investors new to SPOT options or investors who are unsure of just what kind of scenarios to predict with forex options trading, there is a One-Touch Spot option that will payou ...

Covered Calls

Another basic strategy is the covered call, which is a two-part strategy. First you must own 100 shares of the underlying stock. Then a call is sold and the ris...

The Dividend Timing Trading Strategy

One method for combining technical and fundamental is a trading system based on the timing of a stock’s ex-dividend date. This maximizes your return on ca...

Ex-Dividend Date Buying

Another strategy involves timing the purchase of stock right before the ex-dividend date. A stockholder has to own the stock prior to the closing of this date i...

What are Dividends and Why Do Companies Offer Them?

Learn the basics about why companies offer dividends, and how they can affect your investment strategy. Read the rest of What are Dividends and Why Do Companies...

Nine Basic Concepts Associated with Mutual Fund Investing

Learn the basic concepts associated with mutual funds so you can make a sound investment decision. Read the rest of Nine Basic Concepts Associated with Mutual F...

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