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Great Depression

Worldwide economic collapse following the stock market crash in 1929, in which unemployment remained high for an extended period and many businesses failed.

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Investing Tip

Being Rich

by Anonymous

"I am poor, I am needy." Hymn that financier and railroad baron Cornelius Vanderbilt sang on his deathbed in 1877. He left an estate of nearly $100 million (several billion in toda ...

Calculating Cash Flow for Real Estate Deals – It’s Not Complicated

During the Great Depression, my grandfather had money. Somehow he knew the market would crash, got out before it did, and, as well, had a secure position as a c...

The 3 Types of Unemployment

There are a lot of different reasons why someone might find themselves unemployed. When it comes to the overall economy, there are only three. Depending on the ...

A Brief History of Currency Trading

Ancient Times Foreign exchange dealing can be traced back to the early stages of history, possibly beginning with the introduction of coinage by the ancient Egy...

How the U.S. Stock Markets are Regulated

Find about the organizations regulating the stock market and their rules to make sure you end up following the law when you make investments. Read the rest of H...

The Economy: From Boom to Recession

Here is a brief history of the US economy so we can better understand how it was built and what causes the various economic cycles. Read the rest of The Economy...

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