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Automatic Clearing House. A nationwide electronic funds transfer network which enables participating financial institutions to distribute electronic credit and debit entries to ban ... Read more

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Investing Tip

7 Tips for Master Investors

by Mark Tier

A master investor:
1. Believes diversification is for the birds.
2. Hates to pay taxes, and arranges his affairs to legally minimise his tax bill.
3. Only invests ...

Don’t Want to Manage FOREX Yourself

You may have decided, or will eventually decide, you like the idea of trading FOREX as a complement to your total investment portfolio -- but just do not want t...

What is Bathtub Analysis?

Mr. Goodman discovered most of the principles of his wave theory by taking charts into the bath and making hypotheses. He would ask why a market did such-and-su...

Options Basics Explained

There are two kinds of options, both traded publicly on the open exchanges. First is the call, which is an intangible contract giving its owner the right, but n...

Charles Dow and His Market Theory

Charles Dow (1851â'"1902) wrote a series of editorials in his financial publication, The Customer's Afternoon Letter, a two-page summary of each day's fina...

The Importance of Finding a Financial Advisor That You Can Trust

A Financial Advisor can have a big impact on your life and make it easier; this article explains how to start searching for one. Read the rest of The Importance...

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