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life cycle

The normal stages that a product passes through: research and development, growth, expansion, maturity, saturation, and decline. In the research stage, there are no sales at all. I ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Investing When Others Withdraw

by Andrew Beattie

Herd mentality is leading to more and more destructive rampages down Wall Street. Investing passively by sticking to funds, indexes and other mainstays of the coach potato portfoli ...

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be an easy addition to your portfolio that takes some of the work out of your hands as the managers of the funds handle the actual stock purcha...

Financial Advisor Credentials Are Misleading

Even if you know what a CFP is, you probably don't know what an advisor does to earn the designation. And CFP is a common credential, unlike most of the 100-plu...

Setting Standards for Buying (and Selling) Stocks

With an impulsive method for buying stocks, you cannot know when to sell. By establishing a clear set of criteria for how and when to get in, you also can monit...

Energy Royalty Trusts as an Alternative Investment Option

Considering alternative investments? Learn more about how Energy Royalty trusts may be right for your portfolio. Read the rest of Energy Royalty Trusts as an Al...

Less Popular Types of Mutual Funds – Part 1

Are you aware of all the kinds of mutual funds you could be investing in? Learn about the alternatives to stock and bond mutual funds. Read the rest of Less Po...

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