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A theory of economic and political development based on the ideas and published works of German philosopher Karl Marx. Marxism states that capitalism, which displaced feudalism, wi ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Why Short-Selling May Work (for You)

by InvestorGuide Staff

Regarding short-selling, some investors are better at identifying overpriced, bad companies than underpriced, good companies. Brokers and analysts focus on what to buy, not what to ...

Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud – How to Protect Yourself

Identity theft and credit card fraud can be a life changing event leaving a victim in financial ruins for years to come. Living in the age of technology where c...

Accounting Salaries – What’s the Going Rate?

Knowing what to pay, or be paid, for different accounting positions can be pretty tricky. Accounting salaries can vary from city to city and from role to role. ...

What Do All the Numbers in FOREX Mean?

Numbers. Some of us love them; some of us hate them. They excite, they scare. In this chapter, I err on the side of the hate-and-scare readers, leaving the love...

Valuation of Options

The option's value is called its premium. This is the current value of each option contract. It is expressed as a single numeral with two decimal places. For ex...

Bear Spreads

While the bull spread seeks increases in market value, the bear spread will produce profits if the stock's market value falls. In this variety of the spread, th...

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