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The IRS form for the annual reporting of dividend and interest payments made to investors. Companies, mutual funds, banks and other financial institutions report an investor's divi ... Read more

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A Good Company is Hard to Kill

by Bruce Berkowitz

We spend a lot of time thinking about what could go wrong with a company -- whether it's a recession, stagflation, zooming interest rates or a dirty bomb going off. We try every wh ...

8 Simple Steps For Amending a Tax Return

Death and Taxes' as the phrase goes, are the two things in life we can always count on. As tax laws evolve and our personal lives change, the amount of taxes to...

Tax Implications of Different Types of Investments

In order to determine what types of investments you want in your portfolio, you need to know how taxes affect difference investments. Read the rest of Tax Impli...

A Guide to Filing Your Tax Returns and the Forms Required

Taxes got you confused? Learn about the various forms you'll have to deal with, electronic filing, and witholding allowances. Read the rest of A Guide to F...

IRS Audits and How to Deal With Them

Don't get caught for an audit unprepared. Learn about the different kinds of audits and approaches to prepare yourself for them. Read the rest of IRS Audit...

Nine Basic Concepts Associated with Mutual Fund Investing

Learn the basic concepts associated with mutual funds so you can make a sound investment decision. Read the rest of Nine Basic Concepts Associated with Mutual F...

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