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A binding agreement between two or more parties for performing, or refraining from performing, some specified act(s) in exchange for lawful consideration.The unit of trade for a fi ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Why Short-Selling May Work (for You)

by InvestorGuide Staff

Regarding short-selling, some investors are better at identifying overpriced, bad companies than underpriced, good companies. Brokers and analysts focus on what to buy, not what to ...

How to Calculate Growth Rate of Real GDP

Real Gross Domestic Product (Real GDP) is a modification of the basic Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculation that is commonly used to measure the size and gro...

Purchase or Write Options

You may purchase either a call or a put, although it may sound strange to purchase the right to sell. You may either purchase or write an option -- either a cal...

Investment Clubs

Some novice investors will eventually get to the point where they will feel safe buying stocks directly. However, that prospect can be daunting as well. For the...

Structured Index Options

In addition to trading options directly, you can buy or sell positions in one of many "structured" products offered by one of the exchanges involved with index ...

Exercise and Expiration Rules

Unlike stock options, which contain standardized terms for all listed companies, the rules for index options will vary based on the exchange and on the publishe...

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