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credit union

A non-profit financial institution that is owned and operated entirely by its members. Credit unions provide financial services for their members, including savings and lending. La ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Reasons for Holding onto a Security

by Warren Buffett

We do not sell holdings just because they have appreciated or because we have held them for a long time. (Of Wall Street maxims the most foolish may be "You can't go broke taking a ...

How to Select a Checking Account

For daily purchases, monthly expenses, and cash withdrawals, a checking account is the staple of our everyday banking. Checking accounts come with many benefits...

Monitoring Your Credit Score and Credit Report

Your credit score is a numeric value used by lenders to determine your approximate ability to repay a debt, largely based on your debt payment history. By hav...

The 8 Types of Businesses

The business world can be a complicated place, full of jargon and professional terms that people don’t understand. That even extends to businesses themsel...

Bank vs. Credit Union

When choosing where you want to conduct your personal banking one broad decision that you have to make is whether you want to use a bank or a credit union. Whil...

A Brief History of Currency Trading

Ancient Times Foreign exchange dealing can be traced back to the early stages of history, possibly beginning with the introduction of coinage by the ancient Egy...

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