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market order

A buy or sell order in which the broker is to execute the order at the best price currently available. also called at the market. These are often the lowest-commission trades becau ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Avoiding Emotions While Trading

by Siam Luu

Emotions like anger, fear and greed are natural when it comes to trading financial instruments. The only thing you need to remember about those feelings is to be sure not to let th ...

Difference Between The Money Market and The Capital Market

In order to understand what the differences between things are you first need to understand what each of the items is. In this case before you can understand th...

Contrary Opinion and Bullish Consensus

The logic of contrary opinion is flawless; gathering the information is the difficult part. Once everyone is bullish or bearish, everyone who wants to be on tha...

The Dagger Entry Principle

The dagger is a chart-based entry tool developed by the author in the 1970s. I wanted an entry method that was consistent with a charting method (Goodman Wave T...

Popular FOREX Trading Profiles

A trader's profile is easily defined and identified by what chart time frame she does her primary analysis. This, in turn, determines what size profits she is a...

Top FOREX Broker-Dealers

You can please some of the traders some of the time, but you cannot please all of the traders all of the time. As you peruse broker-dealer review websites such ...

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