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financial leverage

The degree to which an investor or business is utilizing borrowed money. Companies that are highly leveraged may be at risk of bankruptcy if they are unable to make payments on the ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Suggestion on Making an Investment Decision

by Warren Buffett

An investor should act as though he had a lifetime decision card with just twenty punches on it. With every investment decision his card is punched, and he has one fewer available ...

Introduction to Fundamental and Technical Analysis

It is commonly accepted that there are two major schools when formulating a trading strategy for any market, be it securities, futures, or currencies. These two...

How to Open a Live FOREX Account

Attorneys are not cheap, but they are plentiful; so much for Adam Smith. You can be assured your broker-dealer's account forms generated substantial fees or hou...

Is It Safe to Trade FOREX?

This is not the issue it was even five or six years ago. You can thank the NFA and CFTC. The fly-by-nights are mostly a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it ent...

FOREX versus Futures

The futures contract is precisely that -- a legally binding agreement to deliver or accept delivery of a specified grade and quantity of a given commodity in a ...

What Financial Advisor Credentials Mean for You

As a general rule, credentials underscore two things for a client: The advisor has done some beyond-the-basics study in an area where you need expertise. The ad...

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