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economic system

Frameworks for the distribution and allocation of goods and services in a nation or society. Socialism, Capitalism, Feudalism, and Mercantilism are examples of several economic sys ... Read more

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Investing Tip

A Good Habit in Forex Trading

by John Gaines

Being too bullish about your trading aptitude can be fatal to your long-term success. You can always learn more about trading the markets, even if you are currently successful in y ...

The Golden Rule of Trading

Lest your trading method becomes too complex, remember the basic market paradigm runs the chart show. But the big show is still—and always will...

A Brief History of Currency Trading

Ancient Times Foreign exchange dealing can be traced back to the early stages of history, possibly beginning with the introduction of coinage by the ancient Egy...

Popular Stock Market Myths

The stock market is a culture based partly on persistent myths. To a large extent, belief in myths is wishful thinking and, in some cases, magical thinking. Thi...

The Random Walk Theory

While EMT suggests that stock is always efficiently priced (and therefore you cannot outperform the market except as a consequence of luck), another theory sugg...

What Is a Capital Gain and What Does It Mean For My Taxes?

Learn about capital gains and what they mean for your taxes. Read the rest of What Is a Capital Gain and What Does It Mean For My Taxes? at InvestorGuide.com....

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