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The relative rate at which the price of a security moves up and down. Volatility is found by calculating the annualized standard deviation of daily change in price. If the price of ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Alternatives to Online Investing

by Montana Securities Department

When conducting securities trades on a brokerage firm's online website, technical problems may arise that prevent you from accessing the site or that cause significant delays. Disc ...

When Should I Buy or Sell a Currency Pair?

How do traders make the decision to buy or sell a currency pair? The most popular and successful method of making decisions and analyzing FOREX markets is techn...

Why Trade Foreign Currencies?

In today’s marketplace, the dollar constantly fluctuates against the other currencies of the world. Several factors, such as the stagnation of global equi...

Day Trading

Day trading is a system involving many technical tools to complete a round-trip trade (opening and closing a position) within a single trading session. A round-...

Market Risk and Volatility Risk

The first distinction that has to be made between fundamental and technical analysis is that of risks. An investor is most likely to purchase shares of stock as...

Setting Standards for Buying (and Selling) Stocks

With an impulsive method for buying stocks, you cannot know when to sell. By establishing a clear set of criteria for how and when to get in, you also can monit...

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