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financial leverage

The degree to which an investor or business is utilizing borrowed money. Companies that are highly leveraged may be at risk of bankruptcy if they are unable to make payments on the ... Read more

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Investing Tip

One Consideration Before Buying Into a Mutual Fund

by SEC

Before investing in a mutual fund, know how it will impact your tax bill. The law generally requires a fund to make a capital gains distribution to shareholders if it sells a secur ...

The Most Fascinating and Fast Paced Markets Around the Globe

In the past, Forex trading was done only by the large corporations, financial institutions, central banks, and extremely wealthy people. However, now the intern...

Debt vs. Equity

When companies are looking to fund growth and expand there are two main sources those funds can come from, debt and equity. Utilizing both effectively is import...

List of Important Financial Ratios for Stock Analysis

When you're research individual stocks for investing, you have to look beyond the basics like share price, number or shares, and market capitalization. Here are...

Introduction to Fundamental and Technical Analysis

It is commonly accepted that there are two major schools when formulating a trading strategy for any market, be it securities, futures, or currencies. These two...

How to Open a Live FOREX Account

Attorneys are not cheap, but they are plentiful; so much for Adam Smith. You can be assured your broker-dealer's account forms generated substantial fees or hou...

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