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variable cost

A cost of labor, material or overhead that changes according to the change in the volume of production units. Combined with fixed costs, variable costs make up the total cost of p ... Read more

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Investing Tip

How Much to Start with in Trading Forex

by Boris Schlossberg

Not unlike a child who learns not to touch a hot stove only after being burned once or twice, most traders can only absorb the lessons of risk discipline through the harsh experien ...

Flat vs. Variable Finance Rates

My husband and I plan to buy a house in the next few months and I would like to know the difference between flat vs. variable finance rates. Choosing between fl...

Fixed Cost vs. Variable Cost

As a business owner there are two key groupings for costs that it is important to understand, fixed costs and variable costs. By understanding these two concept...

Insurance Agent Credentials to Consider

Credentials aren’t a necessity, but they are a way that good agents typically distinguish themselves. Because insurers tend to set prices uniformly, you c...

Defining Call Profit Zones

Whatever strategy you employ in your portfolio, always be aware of how much price movement is required to create a profit, the risks involved in the strategy, a...

Stock Strategies: Basics of The Value Investing Stock Strategy

Value investing is a very popular stock strategy where investors seek out companies that they believe have the ability to create profits at an acceptable level ...

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