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A type of contract that rolls over on a continuous basis until one of the obligated parties cancels it. Each contractual period typically covers a short amount of time so the conti ... Read more

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Investing Tip

The 10 Commandments Of Investing

by Andrew Beattie

The biblical Ten Commandments were intended to act as a driver's manual for the road of life. "Thou shalt not kill." "Thou shalt not lie." These are life's version of the stop-at-t ...

Writing & Style Guidelines

This article describes the writing guidelines for our current writers. If you’re not currently a writer with us, please apply here. Guidelines Applicable ...

Active vs. Passive Investment Strategies

The age-old battle between active investment proponents and their counterparts in passive management is seemingly never-ending. This feud has been in and out of...

Why Managed FOREX?

Currency trading as a part of your investment portfolio appeals to you. But you do not have the time, desire, or inclination to trade yourself. Perhaps the effo...

FOREX Broker-Dealer Reviews

Most of the portals and forums offer broker-dealer reviews at some level. Forex Peace Army The most frequented reviews of brokers, signal services, money manage...

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent Candidates to Interview

With real estate agents, very little works better than word of mouth, or driving around and seeing who handles a lot of listings in the areas that appeal to you...

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