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A debt instrument issued for a period of more than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. The Federal government, states, cities, corporations, and many other t ... Read more

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Dangers of Long Repayment Periods


Understand the costs and risks of choosing a long repayment period. "A longer loan term will be tempting because it means a lower monthly payment, but that also means a higher tota ...

Monetary Policy vs Fiscal Policy — What’s the Difference?

Armchair economists and expert policymakers alike often mix up the ideas of monetary policy and fiscal policy, two very different elements that both heavily inf...

Economics vs. Finance

Economics and finance are two separate disciplines that are closely intertwined and can both influence each other. This article will help with understanding the...

Mutual Funds v. 401(k) for Retirement

This article explains the differences between mutual funds and 401ks and how to determine what the best choice for your retirement plan is. Read the rest of Mut...

Ruminations on Term Insurance as an Investment

If you are relatively young and healthy and need life insurance coverage, and can afford to save in an illiquid vehicle, these products are certainly worth inve...

Introduction to Taxes and Basic Information

It pays to be aware of some basic information about taxes instead of leaving everything to professionals. Learn basic tips to minimize how much you are paying....

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