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A debt instrument issued for a period of more than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. The Federal government, states, cities, corporations, and many other t ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Understanding a Credit Crisis and Analyzing Its Factors

by Chris Seabury

A credit crisis occurs as a result of an unexpected reduction in accessibility to loans or credit and a sharp increase in the price of obtaining these loans. The credit markets are ...

How to Invest in a Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A Certificate of Deposit is a low-risk alternative for investors seeking a higher rate of return as opposed to a standard checking or savings account. Certifica...

How to Determine if a Broker is Suitable for Your Needs

The broker functions like a salesman but, unlike someone pushing vacuum cleaners or refrigerators, simply persuading you to write a check does not legally const...

Basic Bonds Terminology: Par Value, Maturity and Coupon Rate

Learn the basic terminology associated with bonds, so that you can better understand the bond market. Read the rest of Basic Bonds Terminology: Par Value, Matur...

What are Municipal Bonds?

Interested in municipal bonds? Learn about the two common types of municipal bonds, the associated fees, and the mininimum amount required to achieve the best ...

Tax Implications of Different Types of Investments

In order to determine what types of investments you want in your portfolio, you need to know how taxes affect difference investments. Read the rest of Tax Impli...

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