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business ethics

The examination of the variety of problems that can arise from the business environment, and how employees, management, and the corporation can deal with them ethically. Problems s ... Read more

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Investing Tip

Retirement Planning

by InvestorGuide Staff

Investing shouldn't stop when retirement starts. Even if you are already retired, you've probably got many years ahead of you; most people will have 15-20 years of retirement, and ...

Stakeholder vs. Shareholder – What’s the Difference?

One of the most important important distinctions when discussing business practices and business ethics is that between stakeholders and shareholders. While the...

Why are Accounting Ethics Important?

The discussion of accounting ethics has declined in recent years as the Enron and WorldCom debacles have receded from memory. Furthermore, the perceived excesse...

Interview Questions for Real Estate Agents

If you are picking an agent to sell your home, the interview should occur at home, or at least after the agent has seen the property. Invite several agents to d...

Interview Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation, although some charge a nominal fee for their time; find this out before you set up the interview. If you plan to...

Different Types of Financial Advisors

Learning about the various designations that financial advisors have can help you make sure that the advisor you hire best meets your needs. Read the rest of Di...

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