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variable cost

A cost of labor, material or overhead that changes according to the change in the volume of production units. Combined with fixed costs, variable costs make up the total cost of p ... Read more

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Investing Tip

6 Ideal Conditions for Buying a Stock

by Tom Murcko

The best conditions for buying a stock are when it's unpopular, it's cheap, there's limited downside, it's relatively undiscovered, you understand the company and its business bett ...

Flat vs. Variable Finance Rates

My husband and I plan to buy a house in the next few months and I would like to know the difference between flat vs. variable finance rates. Choosing between fl...

What is the Absorption Rate?

The absorption rate is a fundamental component of absorption cost accounting, or the inclusion of all costs related to a product being attributed to it. Absorpt...

What Do All the Numbers in FOREX Mean?

Numbers. Some of us love them; some of us hate them. They excite, they scare. In this chapter, I err on the side of the hate-and-scare readers, leaving the love...

Insurance Agent Credentials to Consider

Credentials aren’t a necessity, but they are a way that good agents typically distinguish themselves. Because insurers tend to set prices uniformly, you c...

How to Determine if a Broker is Suitable for Your Needs

The broker functions like a salesman but, unlike someone pushing vacuum cleaners or refrigerators, simply persuading you to write a check does not legally const...

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