Dividends Terms and Definitions

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accidental high yielder
accrued dividend
accumulated dividend
accumulated earnings tax
adjustable rate preferred stock
announcement date
annual dividend
attribute bias
automatic reinvestment plan
bird in hand
bonus dividend
book closure
Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY)
capital dividend account (CDA)
capital gain dividend
cash dividend
cash flow after taxes (CFAT)
cash flows from financing activities
cash-and-stock dividend
consent dividend
constant growth model
constructive receipt
cumulative dividend
cumulative preferred
current earnings and profits
current income
current yield
cutting a melon
date of payment
date of record
declaration date
declared dividend
disbursing agent
distribution date
distribution period
dividend addition
dividend adjusted return
dividend arbitrage
dividend capture
dividend clawback
dividend clientele
dividend date
dividend discount model
dividend discount return (DDR)
dividend drag
dividend enhanced convertible stock (DECS)
dividend equivalent right
dividend exclusion
dividend frequency
dividend in arrears
dividend irrelevance theory
dividend limitation
dividend notification
dividend order
dividend payout
dividend payout ratio
dividend per share
dividend policy
dividend puzzle
dividend rate
dividend recapitalization
Dividend Record
Dividend Reinvestment Plan
dividend requirement
dividend rollover plan
dividend signaling
dividend tax credit
dividend test
dividend trade roll/play
dividend yield
dividends payable
dividends-received deduction
double taxation
due bill period
effective par
equalizing dividend
equity income
equity-linked note
ex-dividend date
ex-stock dividends
expected dividend yield
fiscal agent
foreign dividend
forward dividend yield
fractional share
franked dividend
franked income
Gordon Growth Model
gross dividends
growth stock
guaranteed stock
holding value
homemade dividend
illegal dividend
income coverage
income dividend
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