Putting Money Beneath Your Mattress Questions to Ask and Criteria to Use When Evaluating a Money Manager

Question Leadership and Management of a Company

Investing is more about the art of asking and answering the right questions than it is about deciding when to buy and when to sell. CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, CFAs and all the other acronyms that we use to classify Wall Street's professional caste can't hide the fact that they are human, and that humans sometimes lie. Analysts get kickbacks, CEOs get stock options and recent accounting scandals, such as Arthur Anderson LLP's conduct regarding Enron, show that impartial accounting is not guaranteed. To question authority, you will need to educate yourself, especially on the subject of financials. Press releases are flakes of snow that rain down on investors and melt away, but financials stick around. Although financials can be tampered with, there is always a trail left behind.
Source: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/07/10commandments.asp

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