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A Volatile Currency Cross

If you are a trader who likes volatility and lots of it, nothing provides more action than the GBP/JPY cross. Trading this cross is akin to trading a volatile technology stock; it often moves several hundred points in a day. One of the key reasons for such wild price action is that GBP/JPY is also a very popular carry trade. With U.K. rates at 4.50% in Oct 2005 and Japan's rates at 0% in the same time period, the interest rate differential was 450 basis points. A slowdown in the U.K. economy caused the Bank of England to lower rates by 25 basis points in Sept 2005, and with the market highly uncertain of whether this was a one-off move or a hint of more rate cuts to come, trading in the GBP/JPY looked set to be especially turbulent, thus providing volatility-seeking traders with plenty of opportunities. However, be aware that trading of more volatile currency pairs can increase the already significant risks of trading currencies.
Source: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/05/CurrencyCross.asp

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