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Use the EDGAR on to Find SEC Filings

Regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provide investors with critical information disclosing the financials of corporations, corporate governance, news disclosures, mergers, acquisitions, insider trading, and more. This massive amount of information is overwhelming. You can narrow down this information using one of the basic EDGAR search features like company search. However, you'll likely still have to narrow your search down. Use Historical Archive Search and take advantage of the header fields of filings to narrow your search. You can even find SEC comment letters by searching for (form-type=upload or form-type=corresp) and company-name="Microsoft" to find for example letters concerning Microsoft. If you need to go beyond the header information, you can even search the full text of the filings using the new Full-Text Search EDGAR feature. I almost always click the "Advanced Search" link on that page to restrict the date range, form type, and company name. For example, I can find the latest odd-lot tender offer opportunities, by searching for the term "odd lots," restricting the form type to SC TO-I, and the date range from 4/22/2007 to 05/07/2007. I recommend that you print out the description of SEC form types PDF for quick reference. Now get searching!
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