Shrink Your Utility Bills How to Trim Long-Term-Care Premiums

Flex-Plan Money: Use It or Lose It

If your employer gives you a deadline to use money in your health-care flexible spending account, you have to use it or lose it. The money in an FSA can be used for most medical expenses that your health insurance doesn't cover. Here 24 expenses FSA money can be used to cover: 1. Dental work 2.Orthodontia 3. Medically necessary prescriptions 4. Over-the-counter drugs 5. Eyeglasses 6. Contact lenses 7. Prescription sunglasses 8. Laser eye surgery 9. Psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychology 10. Drug and alcohol treatment 11. Massage therapy to treat an injury 12. Physical therapy 13. Speech therapy 14. Out-of-pocket expenses for fertility treatments 15. Chiropractic care 16. Doctor-recommended weight-loss programs 17. Hearing aids and batteries 18. Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches or oxygen equipment 19. Assistance for the disabled, including guides, Braille books, seeing-eye or hearing-trained animals, note takers, etc. 20. Birth control pills, devices and procedures 21. Acupuncture or related procedures to treat a medical condition 22. Smoking cessation programs and prescriptions. 23. Medically necessary cosmetic surgery. 24. Vaccinations