How to Choose and Use a Checking or Savings Product Protect Yourself and Your Family from ID Theft

5 Ways to Cut Spending

1. Practice self-control. To avoid making a quick decision to buy something just because you saw it featured on display or on sale. 2. Research before you buy. To be sure you are getting a good value, especially with a big purchase, look into the quality and the reputation of the product or service you're considering. Read "reviews" in magazines or respected Web sites. Talk to knowledgeable people you trust. Check other stores or go online and compare prices. Look at similar items. This is known as "comparison shopping," and it can lead to tremendous savings and better quality purchases. 3. Keep track of your spending. This helps you set and stick to limits, what many people refer to as budgeting. 4. Think "used" instead of "new." Borrow things (from the library or friends) that you don't have to own. Pick up used games, DVDs and music at "second-hand" stores around town. 5. Take good care of what you buy. It's expensive to replace things. Think about it: Do you really want to buy the same thing twice?