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An Explanation of Dollar Price Averaging Versus Simple Averaging

Never confuse dollar price averaging with simple averaging. For instance, let's say an investor purchased 1,000 shares of Microsoft stock at $40 per share at the first interval and another 1,000 shares of stock at the next for $25 a share. That would make the total investment $65,000 and the average stock price $32.50. However, this is not dollar cost averaging - it is simple averaging. The average cost of the stock will not trend towards the current market value if you do not remain consistent in your investment strategy. Using dollar cost averaging, a person would invest a fixed amount - say $33,000 per interval. Thus, when buying the same Microsoft stock at the first interval, a person would end up with 825 shares of stock at $40/share and 1320 shares at $25 each. This adds up to 2,145 shares and an average cost of $30.75 - closer to the current market value of $25 than the simple averaging strategy.