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Open an account with a DIF- or SIF-insured bank. The Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is a private company headquartered in Massachusetts that provides insurance on deposit accounts for participating state-chartered savings banks. The Share Insurance Fund (SIF) is also a private fund that insures deposit accounts for Massachusetts-chartered co-operative banks. DIF and SIF member banks guarantee depositors' funds above the FDIC limit, regardless of both the FDIC limit and the amount of money held by the depositor. All deposit account types are guaranteed, including savings and checking accounts, CDs, money market and retirement deposit accounts. By providing both FDIC insurance and DIF or SIF insurance, member banks can guarantee that their depositors' funds are fully insured. Once you open a deposit account with a DIF or SIF member bank, there are no additional qualification tests to meet or forms to complete. In addition, you do not need to be a Massachusetts residents to do business with a DIF or SIF member bank.
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